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To make people understand complex and abstract notions in a simple and, above all, amusing way.

That is where we are coming from.

Our starting point is “magical” places such as the
External link Deutsches Museum in Munich, External link Experimentarium in Copenhagen and the External link Technisches Museum Wien, organizations that strived to instill the knowledge of scientific phenomena in a straightforward way, exploiting the opportunities that an experimental approach can offer.

Hence, simplicity and fun, but not as an end in themselves. Rather, our purpose is very serious: to facilitate our students’ success.

That’s why we have equipped a 350sqm space with multimedia technology. That’s why we have created a series of original workshops.
That’s why we strive to continuously rationalize the principles that we want to pass on.

That’s why the Caffé River Training Centre exists: to create value for those in search of excellence.

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