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Anyone who starts a business in the cafeterias industry faces many hurdles. Not only is there fierce competition, but it is very common to have bad experiences simply through lack of knowledge of the market.

Almost invariably the new entrepreneur is left on his own to find the answers to all his questions:

“What businesses are for sale?”
“How can I be sure that I am paying a fair price?”
“How can I plan to cushion my investment?”

“What will my financial needs be and how will I find the necessary funds?”
“How should I organize my work?”

Anyone who has already lived through this experience knows how they longed for expert guidance, able to lead them through all the inevitable difficulties. Unfortunately, such guidance did not exist.

But now it does.

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Please visit the Progetto Barista web site
(Italian only, sorry) and discover how to become a café owner.
Progetto Barista
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