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Our classic espresso coffee can be appreciated from a young public, but only if it is proposed in a way who satisfies tastes of people projected into the future, which desire new products in line with current international trends.

Caffè River has the ready solution for you: Krazy Koffee!

With Krazy Koffee you can simply and successfully extend your coffee shop, providing everything you need to offer to your customer a range of interesting products, for you and for your customer.

What do you receive if you decide to take part in Krazy Koffee?

We explain you how to realise simply and successfully drinks.

We offer you selected ingredients, that you can's easily find in the market.

We help you to advertise your new products with fashionable advertising instruments.

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Krazy Koffee Menu The Winter Menu 2012/13

Krazy Koffee Menu The Summer Menu 2012

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