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IIC [April 2004]
News: Collaborates with IIC in Copenhagen
Caffé River collaborates with the Italian Institute of Culture in Copenhagen, helping to produce KulturKafè, a charming weekly event to make the city aware of the rich cultural offer of the Institute. The Caffè River 2004 calendar "København" is greatly appreciated in Denmark which is highly sophisticated in graphic design, and is distributed during KulturKafé. We are currently working on further collaborative projects to make Italian culture even better known.
Dietro l'Espresso [May 2004]
News: Dietro l’Espresso
The distribution of Dietro l’Espresso (“Behind Espresso coffee”),
the new Caffé River publication about secrets of proper maintenance and regulation of espresso machinery, has begun. Currently it is only available in Italian, but translations are already scheduled.
Attualmente è disponibile solo in Italiano.
Advertising 2004/05 [Settemmbre 2004]
News: Campaign 2004/2005
It is starting the new advertising campaign Caffè River “Soluzione Insostituibile”. It will be present for many months on the most diffuse Italian periodic in this field, between which BarGiornale and Mixer.
Caffè Jamao [October 2004]
News: Visit of coffee Jamao producer
A representative of coffee Jamao farmer producer coming from “Salone del Gusto” of Torino visited Caffè River’s seat.
Calendar 2005 [January 2005]
News: Jamao 2005
Jamao 2005... The Caffè River's calendar that documents the sustainable development project undertook in the Dominican Republic in collaboration with Ucodep.
Outstanding portraits, well effective in describing the life of the farmers and of their community.
Jamao Coffee [March 2005]
News: Caffè Jamao distributed in Danmark
Caffè River has obtained the licence for the sale of Caffè Jamao as fair trade product in the Danish market through Max Havelaar, national office FLO in Denmark equivalent to TransFair in Italy.
Caffè River distributes on the Danish market through Caffè River Scandinavia and from February 2005 it is possible to find the product in the supermarket "Gova" that is in the north of Copenhagen.
Krazy Koffee [April 2005]
News: Krazy Koffee
A new opportunity for Caffè River baristas. New and interesting products for demanding customers.
Danish students [September 2005]
News: First Danish students
Monday 12th September. For the first time, a selected number of Caffè River Scandinavia’s customers attended the “Espresso Basics” course at Caffè River Training Centre. During the course, held in Danish, the students had the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to brew an excellent espresso in their cafeterias.
Coffee O'Clock fifth birthday [November 2005]
News: Coffee O'Clock fifth birthday!
Five years of evolution of a successful concept. Happy birthday!
Calendar 2006 [January 2006]
News: Caffè River's calendars 2006. Budapest!
Giovanni Santi's photos.
ISO 9001 [March 2006]
News: ISO 9001
ISO9000 certificate renewed and scope of certification extended.
Coffee O'Clock Cluj [July 2006]
News: Coffee O'Clock in Romania
Caffè River keeps on spreading his concept bar by opening a new bar in Romania. This long expected première took place in the wonderful town of Cluj.
Calendar 2007 [January 2007]
News: 2007 calendar
Caffè River 2007 calendar: Khartoum, capital of Sudan.
Calendar 2007 [July 2007]
News: Caffè River Training Centre in Copenhagen
Opening on the beginning of July the Caffè River Training Centre in Copenhagen.
Espresso-Test [August 2007]
News: Espresso-Test at Umsonst & Draußen Festival:
guess who won?
Caffè River 2008 Calendar [December 2007]
News: The new 2008 Caffè River Calendar is now released: New York - Fragments.
Formiddag med Nis Boesdal [February 2008]
News: Caffè River at DR1,
danish national tv channel.
La Ruta del Café Jamao coffee [April 2008]
News: A sketch of Jamao coffee' story is told in the book La Ruta del Café through the photos of Giovanni Santi and the words of Andrea Semplici. A fascinating story on the community of coffee farmers in the province of Salcedo.
Caffèstival [May 2008]
News: Caffè River and Ucodep will talk about the Caffè Jamao project and book at Caffèstival, the national coffee fair, on the 18th of May.
Where to go [June 2008]
News: SLOW FOOD Condotta di Arezzo, CAFFÈ RIVER SpA and COOPERATIVA WIPALA organize "Là dov'è la raccolta del caffè.", a didactic opportunity to enlarge your knowledge about coffee.
Riverberazioni_Schizzi di caffè [July 2008]
Riverberazioni_Schizzi di caffè:
12 designers and 24 new communication concepts for Caffè River.
Solar Farm [September 2008]
Green coffee (:-)
It has begun the set up of the solar farm which will dramatically reduce our consumption of energy from not renewable sources.
Terra Madre Toscana - Il Giusto Gusto [October 2008]
A delegation of Central American and Caribbean producers had participated at the Caffè River training seminar: "Green Coffee: standards for international opportunities".
Arezzo in Dominican Republic [November 2008]
Caffè River with Jamao coffee attended the International Seminar 10 years of cooperation with the Dominican Republic.
Calendario Caffè River 2009 - Sydney [January 2009]
Out now the new 2009 Caffè River calendar: Sydney.
National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises [February 2009]
Memorandum of understanding signed between Caffè River (Italy) and Nucafe (Uganda): Caffè River continues its collaborative project with small coffee producers.
Breakfest, l'evento del risveglio [March 2009]
Caffè River with caffè Jamao has been at Breakfest, the event of awakening, on sunday 22th of March at the Borsa Merci of Perugia.
Salone Internazionale del Mobile [May 2009]
Riverberazioni_Schizzi di caffè has been at SALONE INTERNAZIONALE DEL MOBILE in Milan from 22 to 27 April 2009, Hall 22/24 - Booth B38.
Terra Futura 2009 [May 2009]
Caffè River participated in the exhibition and conference Terra Futura with the seminar "At full coffee. Enterprise, Trade and rights". May 30 2009, TerraFutura, Fortezza da Basso, Florence.
latte art [September 2009]
Enrolment is open to Espresso Master, the new Caffè River Training Centre course focused on espresso drinks and latte art.
CaffeinAula 2009/10 [October 2009]
CaffeinAula new program for the school year 2009/10. CaffeinAula is a teaching tool specially created by Caffè River for the "Istituti Alberghieri" (School for Culinary Arts) of central Italy.
Valore Sociale [October 2009]
Caffè River attended the International Conference "Imprese e Diritti Umani - Responsabilità Sociale, rendicontazione e controllo della supply chain".
October 28, 18.30
Caffè River 2010 calendar [December 2009]
Very soon to be issued the Caffè River 2010 calendar. Giovanni Santi's glamorous shots take us this year to Bamako, the capital of Mali, the hot Sahel-Saharan country of West Africa.
Coffee O' Clock digital clock [January 2010]
Starts today a call for pictures to be added to the Coffee O' Clock digital clock.
Join "Artista per 1'" (Artist for one minute) and submit your picture.
Tirreno C.T. [March 2010]
Caffè River attended the fair Tirreno C.T. in Marina di Carrara, from 7 to 11 March.
Hall B - Aisle 14-15.
collaboration Caffè River-Nucafe [March 2010]
From the collaboration between Caffè River and NUCAFE (National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises), is born Omukwano, Pearl of Uganda.
coffeespoons flexo Caffè River [November 2010]
Out now the new 6 flexo coffeespoons gift box!
design del cibo
[December 2010]
Caffè River won the Special Mention with the project Riverberazioni_Schizzi di caffè at the Biennal Italian Award "Design of Food", Edition 2010 (Università degli studi di Genova - Facoltà di Architettura).
[January 2011]
Caffè River on January 31 lectured to the annual meeting of the Danish Network of coffee, tea and cocoa, together with David Muwonge, Production and Marketing Manager NUCAFE.
EXPOTecnocom Bastia Umbra
[February 2011]
Caffè River awaits for you in ExpoTecnocom, from February 6 to 9 in Bastia Umbra (Pav. 9).
cardboard stand
[April 2011]
What happened to the Caffè River cardboard stand designed by Roberto Giacomucci for EXPOTecnocom in Bastia Umbra? Completely recycled! View photos!
Etno Cafe Bily Konicek
[May 2011]
Caffè Jamao and Caffè River were protagonists in Etno Cafe Bily Konicek in Varsavia, where there was a whole fairtrade breakfast on the occasion of World Fair Trade Day, May 14, 2011.
 Coffee Taster license
[August 2011]
Do you want to get a Coffee Taster license? You should enrol to the IIAC course (International Institute of Coffee Tasters) held on October the 13th at the CRTC. Please contact Kira Peruzzi, tel. 0575 299867!
[September 2011]
Caffè River with Omukwano coffee and Jamao coffee will attend AssisiCafè, the event dedicated entirely to the coffee to be
held in the picturesque setting of Assisi September 24, 2011.
 Coffee Taster license
[October 2011]
Do you want to get a Coffee Taster license? You should enrol to the IIAC course (International Institute of Coffee Tasters) held on October the 13th at the CRTC. Please contact Kira Peruzzi, tel. +39 0575 299867!
omukwano coffee
[October 2011]
Omukwano Coffee thanks to the collaboration of NUCAFE participated at the International trade show in Kampala, Uganda, from 6 to 10 of october.
Coffee Expo
[November 2011]
Caffè River arrives in China at Coffee Expo, Guangzhou 2011, from 24 to 27 November.
The new Caffè River calendar
[December 2011]
Enjoy the new Caffè River calendar 2012 entirely dedicated to Uganda and the Omukwano project. For sale on e-shop of Caffè River!
[January 2012]
Caffè River participated in Sigep fair in Rimini from 21 to 25 of January
I Maestri della Caffetteria
[March 2012]
Enrolments are open to "I Maestri della Caffetteria". First meeting held by Luigi Lupi, "Italian Cappuccino" on the 20th of March 2012 in Perugia, at Università dei Sapori.
[June 2012]
Caffè Omukwano
2012/2013 agreement in support of Ugandan coffee farmers exchanged with NUCAFE.
Rashida Nakabuga
[September 2012]
At Coffee O'Clock in Arezzo, a morning event devoted to Omukwano coffee with NUCAFE's Rashida Nakabuga.
We look forward to seeing you Friday, September 7 from 10.30 to 12.30.
Eurochocolate 2012
[October 2012]
Caffè River is the official sponsor of Eurochocolate 2012.
We look forward to seeing you at Perugia from 19 to 28 October at "Carducci Gardens".
MaracaS shaker
[November 2012]
MaracaS, the new shaker of Roberto Giacomucci, was a candidate in the next edition of Compasso d'Oro ADI award.
caffè Omukwano
[December 2012]
A journey in time between nature, tradition and modernity in the shots of Giovanni Santi and in the words of Silvana Grispino, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Brochure Sigep 2013 En
[January 2012]
Caffè River will be in Rimini at Sigep 2013 from 19 to 23 of January, Hall C1 - Booth 021, together with the Scuola Italiana di Gelateria.
Latte Art performance
[February 2012]
We look forward to seeing you in Bastia Umbra from 16 to 20 of February with the Latte Art performance of Casper Salomon - ExpoTecnocom Pad. 7.
Espresso Beaker
[May 2012]
Espresso Beaker has finally arrived: judge with confidence the correct volume of your espresso coffee!
MaracaS ADI INDEX 2012
[June 2013]
MaracaS will be exhibited in Udine next June 15 at the "ITALIAN.DESIGN.UD - L'ADI DESIGN INDEX 2012".
The Goodfellas team
[July 2013]
The Goodfellas Team left from Coffee O'Clock in Arezzo for the Mongolia Charity Rally. Among their stops - Coffee O'Clock in Cluj Napoca (Romania) and Caffè River Tehran (Iran).
The Goodfellas partenza per la Mongolia
[August 2013]
The Goodfellas Team after 16000 miles arrived at its destination!
Wipo Ginevra
[October 2013]
MaracaS back into show in the ADI Design Index 2012 at WIPO in Geneva, from September 25 to November 18, 2013.
operating theater at the Kyarumba hospital, health centre 111
[November 2013]
Thanks to Omukwano coffee, now it's possible to build an operating theater at the Kyarumba hospital, health centre 111.
Calendario Toscana 2014
[December 2013]
Tuscany in 2014 Caffè River calendar.
Omukwano farmers
[February 2014]
NUCAFE, also thanks to the collaboration of Caffè River in Omukwano project, has begun the construction of a grading facility of the coffee of small farmers in Uganda!
MaracaS shaker
[April 2014]
Maracas will participate in the XXIII edition of the Compasso d'Oro Award.
Selection and celebration will be held in Milan during the Salone del Mobile.
2015 Caffè River calendar
[December 2014]
Is coming the new Caffè River 2015 calendar, dedicated to the city of Bratislava and signed by Giovanni Santi.
HOGA messe
[February 2015]
Our innovative Unique Coffee Solution to HOGA in Nuremberg, the most important Ho.Re.Ca trade fair in Southern Germany. Viva Italian espresso!
Expo GastroPan 2015
[March 2015]
Caffè River will participate at the Expo GastroPan (Hall 2, stand S2/C3) in Targu Mures in Transylvania. GastroPan is the most important gastronomic event of the year in Eastern Europe, with more than 132 exhibitors from 24 nations.
Latte Art / crash course #9 [May 2015]
Latte Art / crash course #9 - 4 hours - May 14 , 2015. Teacher: Andrea Antonelli Italian Barista Champion 2006 and Italian Latte Art S.C.A.E Champion 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.
Info: +39 0575 299867.
Espresso Coffee tasting [June 2015]
Espresso Italiano Tasting (license course) - 8 hours - June 5 , 2015.
Teacher: Carlo Odello, Espresso Italiano Trainer.
Info: +39 0575 299867.
Caleb Tiger Cha [October 2015]
Exclusive to Italy we are pleased to announce that the Australian Caleb Tiger Cha 2015 Latte Art World Champion, will be the next coach of the Latte Art / crash course #10 at Caffè River Training Centre in Arezzo on October 26-27-29-30, 2015.